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Shadi Ebrahim, M.A., AMFT

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My name is Shadi, and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. My goal as a therapist is to create a safe environment where you feel you can be your authentic self and be met with empathy and acceptance. I am passionate about helping individuals meet their goals by joining them in their journey and collaboratively exploring their challenges to work towards personal growth and healing.
Drawing from my diverse background, I have experience working with individuals from various cultures and walks of life. My professional focus includes supporting individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, stress, substance abuse, and interpersonal conflicts. I strongly believe in the power of warmth and genuineness within the therapeutic relationship.
Life can present us with unexpected twists and turns, and seeking support is a courageous step toward positive change. Whether you’re facing personal struggles or aiming for personal growth, I am here to sit with you through the challenges.