Morning View Family Therapy

Dylan Cooper, M.S., AMFT


Our emotions can relate to a specific event, be triggered by our personality or outlook, or by our biological or genetic makeup. It’s common to feel anxious or depressed, like you are in a crisis, or questioning your relationships.Counseling is a way to understand why we feel certain ways. It’s also a way we can change our behavior and outlook to become “unstuck” from unproductive ways of thinking, feeling and acting.
The development of a supportive, therapeutic relationship promotes working through issues so the individual develops new skills to reduce distress, reach greater peace, and strengthens one connection with themselves.

I’ll encourage you to explore yourself and emotions through body based therapeutic techniques, discuss patterns of behavior and which patterns may no longer work for you, and provide a person-centered approach to therapy. Through therapy you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, generate skills for problem solving and emotional regulation, and grow to be more confident and content.Through these conversations you will gain insight about your thoughts and feelings. Putting your feelings into words helps give you control, leads to resolving inner conflicts, and allows you to develop skills to meet whatever challenges come your way.