What are daily affirmations? 

  • Affirmations are phrases that you can repeat to yourself at a certain point in the day or throughout the day. 
  • Overtime they replace any negative thoughts that may be consuming you.
  • Affirmations instill confidence, positivity and ambition. 
  • Affirmations not only have the power to be able to change the narrative within your mind but also they can give you a sense of focus in your life. 


Repeat to yourself these words or phrases daily to help:


“ I am loved and worthy.”

“I am Love.”

“Doing my best is enough.” 

“I deserve to feel joy.”

“I am proud of myself.” 

“I am filled with focus.” 

“Each day, my life gets better in every way.” 

“I can’t do everything today, but I can take one small step.” 


Overall, affirmations are remarkable tools that help you focus your thoughts to achieve a more positive outlook for you and your health. 


Speaking to yourself in a positive light can help redirect your thoughts and help you calm any anxiety. This is a short-term helpful tool to use throughout your life. Overall, seeking therapy can also help with self-esteem issues that may arise. To start your journey today please send us a message through our website or call us at (909)-757-5770.