Burnout and what is it?


What are some of the signs you should look out for if you believe you are experiencing burnout?



  1. Stomachache intestinal issues
  2. Headaches
  3. Frequent Illness
  4. Changes in appetite/sleep
  5. Alienation from activities


Throughout burnout you do not have to be alone there are symptoms to be on the lookout for whether for yourself or a loved one.


Important tips: Tracking your stress levels can be extremely helpful as well as building a support network. Being able to journal your thoughts. Learning stress relief techniques, this can all be done with the help of a therapist.

Therapy benefits: Attending therapy if you’re experiencing burnout can be beneficial. This can be in your career, sport, school, fitness, mental health/self-care, etc. Therapy can help with improved function at work, declined self-isolation, increased activity, and overall life satisfaction.

Focusing and identifying the root of your main stressors is so important in understanding the main reason for your burnout. Listening to your body is important in mental health and a lot of the reason how or why we can identify the problems on why we are feeling the way we are.

Taking care of your body:

  • taking deep breaths
  • stretch or meditate.
  • eating healthy balanced meals
  • exercise regularly.
  • getting plenty of sleep

You are never alone in your journey and Morning View Family Therapy has many great therapists for you to work with to get through and assist you in the help you need in your journey. We meet you where you are.

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