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Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness

Are you stressed out, anxious or depressed? Does it seem like you can’t get your feet under you? Are you struggling with healing after a traumatic event? Have you tried to solve the problems in your life on your own and realized you need help from someone else? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have made the right choice by being here. We know seeking help can be hard. You’ve likely been debating seeking help for months, if not years, but we’re so glad you have taken the courageous step of being here.
Together we can work to help equip you with the necessary tools to help you face and overcome your challenges. Whether you’re struggling with overcoming anxiety and depression, marital and relationship struggles, or trauma and ptsd, it is important that you know you don’t have to be alone in this journey.
We have the experience to help you achieve your goals, overcome these struggles, and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. We understand no two individuals are the same, and we tailor our sessions together to address challenges unique to you. We will work together to understand the root cause of your struggles and address them with long-lasting strategies, helping you get closer to the life you’ve always wanted. If you’re ready to work towards the life you’ve always wanted, we’re ready when you are. Contact us today and let’s get to work.

We're here for you.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.
We often talk about setting intentions for what we desire, but when we don’t see our manifestations unfold, we get discouraged and actually cause resistance to occur. Finding time for gratitude and faith is a key essential to increase positive energy and cultivate what we are seeking for.

Meet our Staff

Jasmine DeGuzman, M.A., LMFT, Owner and Clinical Director

It is my passion to be able to walk along side with you in situations that pushes you to feeling alone, anxious, sad or depressed.

Andrea Rangel, Administrative Assistant

Thank you for choosing Morning View Family Therapy! Our team works closely together to provide the best therapy experience for all patients.

Camille Valdiviez, Intake Care Specialist

Welcome to Morning View Family Therapy! We have a compassionate team dedicated to helping individuals navigate life's challenges. As an Intake Care Coordinator, I want to ensure a smooth transition into therapy while providing support throughout the intake process. I am committed to providing a safe environment where clients can work towards positive change. I look forward to being a part of your mental health journey.

Angela Marquez, Intake Care Specialist

Welcome to our mental health community! As one of the first points of contact, it is my goal to ensure every interaction is enjoyable.

Lesley Quiran Vela, MSW, LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with more than 8 years of experience. I have always been sensitive to others and sought to help those in need. I have experience in working with children and families and specialize in treating those with a history of traumatic experiences, loss and grief, developmental delays, behavioral issues and families involved in the foster care system. I am trained in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and utilize a variety of evidence based practices and play therapy to help guide you to achieve your goals.

Amber Tomczak, M.A., LMFT

For over 13 years, I have been privileged to work with individuals, couples, families, and professionals who feel stuck.

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Cathlyn Cwiek, MSN, PMHNP-BC

Cathlyn is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC). She holds a Master of Science in Nursing from Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. She is passionate about providing compassionate and comprehensive mental health services to adults. Some of her practice specialties include (but not limited to) Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Panic Attacks and Insomnia. Cathlyn possesses strong clinical skills enhanced by natural ability to build rapport with patients. She follows evidence-based guidelines combined with clinical experience, personal observation and intuition. A client can expect their initial visit to include a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, determination of treatment goals and education about diagnosis and available treatment options.

Pheleene Martinez

It is my goal to help people feeling anxious, sad, having difficulties with fertility, or having depression.

Megan Callen, M.S., LMFT

I have a passion for assisting people in their journeys, meeting them where they are at

Brianna Belcher, MSW, LCSW

Seeking help can be overwhelming. I am so proud of you for coming this far. As your therapist, I will partner with you to take steps.

Estela Thompson, M.A., LMFT

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist passionate about helping people. I provide clients with unconditional empathy.

Michelle Tapia, M.A., LMFT, APCC

It is my goal to help people through difficult times and communicate better within their families.

Cesar Palos, M.S., AMFT, APCC

Welcome to a space dedicated to your mental well-being! I'm Cesar Palos, a passionate and empathetic mental health professional committed to guiding individuals on their journey to healing and self-discovery.

Ariana Taylor, M.A.,AMFT, APCC

Dealing with life’s many obstacles alone can be challenging. My hope is that I can help support you along that journey.

Frieda Apostol, M.S., AMFT

Being able to help others has been what truly fulfills me. First, I chose to join the Armed Forces.

Steven Martinez, M.S., AMFT

Working with children, adolescents, and adults, I have learned to utilize person-centered therapy to extend my empathy

Catherine Veliz, M.A., AMFT

As long as I can remember, helping others has always been a passion of mine. As an associate marriage and family therapist

Shadi Ebrahim, M.A., AMFT

My name is Shadi, and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. My goal as a therapist is to create a safe environment.

Monica Chung, M.A., AMFT

Life is beautiful, but it can also be difficult. It can throw unexpected challenges at you, whether that's stress, a new transition, depression, anxiety, loss, and/or a traumatic experience.

Dylan Cooper, M.S., AMFT

Our emotions can relate to a specific event, be triggered by our personality or outlook, or by our biological or genetic makeup. It’s common to feel anxious or depressed, like you are in a crisis, or questioning your relationships.Counseling is a way to understand why we feel certain ways. It’s also a way we can change our behavior and outlook to become “unstuck” from unproductive ways of thinking, feeling and acting.
The development of a supportive, therapeutic relationship promotes working through issues so the individual develops new skills to reduce distress, reach greater peace, and strengthens one connection with themselves.

I’ll encourage you to explore yourself and emotions through body based therapeutic techniques, discuss patterns of behavior and which patterns may no longer work for you, and provide a person-centered approach to therapy. Through therapy you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, generate skills for problem solving and emotional regulation, and grow to be more confident and content.Through these conversations you will gain insight about your thoughts and feelings. Putting your feelings into words helps give you control, leads to resolving inner conflicts, and allows you to develop skills to meet whatever challenges come your way.

Emilyn Amparo, M.S., AMFT

I am a compassionate and empathic Associate Marriage and Family Therapist eager to provide support. My journey has involved delivering therapy in both individual and group settings. I have experience in helping clients with trauma, ADHD, depression, and anxiety. I am also fluent in Spanish and enjoy working with the Latino community. I utilize therapeutic approaches such as Person-Centered, Narrative, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. There are various therapy approaches, and together, we can discover which one will benefit you the most.
As an AMFT, I am passionate about helping others. I am committed to helping you reach your goals by providing you with hope, support, and guidance. I have experience working with teens and adults. Therefore, I understand the difficulties that day-to-day life can bring. I aim to work with you along your journey to improve your mental health and emotional well-being. My goal is to understand your inner world and develop strategies that facilitate personal growth.
I hope to provide you with a safe space and supportive environment. I believe each individual has a unique story, and I'd be honored to hear yours!

Morgan Moinian

Any moment of life could be a great time to seek help. Maybe you have gone through some unexpected changes in your life? Or maybe you are feeling lonely, anxious, tearful, or down about yourself and your current life circumstances. Or maybe you are unsure how you are feeling but are interested in growing and feeling more empowered in your life. Taking that first step and seeking a therapist can be challenging and daunting at first, and I want to help you in your journey of self-healing and having a safe place to do so.

I am a therapist who works with all ages and offers Individual, Couples, and Families. My therapeutic approach is eclectic and holistic. I have experience working with anxiety, depression, sadness, grief and loss and stress.

It is a gift to be able to work with others. I love helping all souls on their own personal journeys. And I am here to help create something that may sound uncomfortable, such as therapy, feel more comfortable. This is the time to go on your path of healing and self-discovery. And I would love to be a compassionate outside perspective for you and help reach any personal goals you may have.

Sherell Miller-Aubrey, M.S., AMFT

As an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, I am passionately committed to supporting individuals, couples, and families as they navigate the complexities of relationships and personal growth. I blend compassion, and understanding to create a safe and supportive environment for my clients. My approach is collaborative and tailored to the unique needs of each client, focusing on fostering resilience, communication, and emotional well-being. Whether you're facing relationship challenges, life transitions, or personal hurdles, I am here to walk alongside you on your journey towards healing and fulfillment.

Desiree Prado, B.A., in Psychology, life and wellness coach

Hi, Thank you for your interest in possibly choosing me as your life and wellness coach.